Earth Day 2012

In 1970 a senator from Wisconsin, USA organized the first Earth Day after a devastating oil spill off the coast of California. The day was designed as a learning day, with 20 million Americans taking part on college campuses across America. Today, 500 million people in 175 countries observe Earth Day every April 22.

How do people today affect the earth?

In 1970, 6% of trash in America was recycled. Now its 35%.

In 1974, 48% of homes in America had air conditioning. Now its 88%. Increased energy use is challenging researchers to find alternative, sustainable energy sources.

In the 1970s oil embargoes resulted in more fuel-efficient cars. Westerners spend an average of 25 minutes commuting to work but gas consumption is down.

Each American uses paper products equivalent to a 100 foot tree. But usage is declining as digital usage increases.

God’s creation is to be valued. He reveals Himself through His Creation. Every act taken to respect and conserve His creation is an act of worship, celebrating the glory of His handiwork. ┬áTake time today and identify simple ways to “take care” of His creation.